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      • 24mm Micro Adjust Stronglight Seatpost Hyper Rare

        Mike got all excited this week when on his travels he found the holy grail of Peugeot seatposts on a old battered Peugeot bike, after cleaning it on the bench polisher its been listed on eBay started price quite high, but its so damn rare he aint gonna give it...

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      • its been a vintage bike week, cotter pins have been my enemy

        So what have we been up to recently, well MBM has been in time warp mode, refurbishing a old Rudge bicycle and being cycle support for the velo vintage bike ride, its been a fun working on the old Rudge, below is a before and after shot of the bike,...

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      • Whoop MBMs new Kask Helmet turned up

        MBM was in a good mood this evening, his new Kask Helmet turned up, a Kask Mojito in black and white abit like Shamu from seaworld, super comfortable fit, feels like a really secure MTB helmet but is tiny, weighs nowt and has tons of vents styled into it, they...

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