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  • Raleigh Team Refurb Pt.1

    Well here is MBM's next personal bike, but first its going on a little refurb journey. The bike was bought off of eBay locally and was sold as spares or repair, seatpost was stuck, bottom bracket was there, but no idea if it moved, so as soon as I got it home I did the usual, sprayed a ton of lube down the seattube left for a bit and popped seatpost in vice a bit later and found out it was defo a frozen pin.

    So first big job was to get it out, after mentioning on Facebook page a MBM follower James Thomas gave his top tip, soak seattube in vinegar (poured it down via bottom bracket) and leave, I left for 24 hours, then pour boiling water on the outside of seattube.

    Did it work, well after I snapped the top of the campag seatpost clean off I thought not, frame was a dud, but there was still some post left so I clamped it down and tried again, after the loudest bang and me in a slight state of shock thinking crap I have broken the frame, I noticed the pin was moving.

    bike had some rust, spent the evening sanding the trouble areas, all seems to be fine, surface rust only

    I am now the proud owner of a Raleigh Team 531 ready for a refurb, so what are my plans, well I might send bike off to Argos for a pro respray, as they have done a few of these I am sure, so will have colour codes, as you might have guessed i am going for the same finish, stickers and colours, though we might do a little sneaky MBM sticker in amongst it. This bike will be built to replace my Daccordi which I will be selling on to fund this one, and before people say is it going to have all campag gear on it or made into a fixe, both answers are no, I am adding my two speed kick back wheelset to it, and a selection of polished parts, I wont be cutting any bits off frame so it can alway be made into a geared bike again, but chances of me selling it are slim as I love my Raleighs and this is going to be my town bike.

    Will probably mock bike up before I send it away and take it for a spin, just to make sure it fits all ok, next piccy will be hopefully of the mock up.

    Right time for some sleep.


     Reynolds 531 double butted tubes

     Look at the lugwork, ok so its nots like a Colnago, but its clean simple and I love the paint detail.

     I love this bottom bracket shell look at it with its little slots.


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