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  • spray.bike almost time to test

    Sat at home looking at my spray.bike colours thinking of what project to use it on, I have had these for a while now but not had time due to projects to get down and dirty with these paints, I do have some bikes I might use, a Leader track frame, a retro Raleigh Bomber or a Triump 70/80s shopper bike.

    The bomber is going to be a black cream vintage style, the shopper I am going for fluro and hopefully a little crazy looking as the bike is just boring about as boring as a bike can look at present

    the leader is a tough one, i have a idea but i aint saying anything as i might need some practice to even be able to do it so..... anyway I am babbling

    If you want any paints before I can test them just let me know I can order all colours and get them easy enough.

    Cheers MBM


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