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 just started to mock up my pub bike ready for the weekend, not finished yet

 Pink Raleigh 531 came in for a bit of a refresh and a new colour

 Baby blue mixte taken while at the velo vintage ride


A quick build i made for my friend, bike had been used and was a little tired, just updated and freshened up 

a great little retro road bike we made, 3 speed sturmey hub for casual rides around Brighton

built this one for my brother, bike has had a hard life but stunning lugwork. 

a bike we made for a student at Petroc College to use for his display, not the right set up but was built so as not over shadow the students work


love this green, so loud


baby blue 59cm track frame with a twist, rims are hplus son and rear hubs is a two speed sturmey archer, one gear for the flats and one gear for hills, ideal for round the town, two speed as used by MBM himself on his pub bike and Raleigh Team



SPADS BIKE, hand drawn using a sharpie pen bike a local art student, hours of work in this bike that needs to find a home on a wall rather than pound the streets

NEW DEVON ARMY BIKE, my pub bike and show bike basically its great fun with a two speed sturmey archer hub with pedal back brake.

BLB TRACK FRAME, funky porta style front basket, fun little bike and damn light

Stealthy black fixed gear and single speed. 


Create c8 with a few tweaks

A fun build this one, built to customer spec, kick back two speed hub and coaster brake and huge drum brake on the front, love the front hub, Velocity wheels powdercoated pink and frame matt black.

A refurb I have been working on a Raleigh Stowaway, had to find special rims and spokes for this one, nothing was really off the peg, but a very rewarding build, but not something I would want to do everyday, very time consuming, but amazing to see it all finished

MagicBikeMike own bike, not quite finish, handlebars are being changed to more period style and road brake levers going on, and hopefully very soon some BrickLaneBikes cnc'd calipers on it, not sure on saddle yet, might go modern not in keeping but better on the old gentleman area if you know what I mean. Will do a little blog on this refurb with pictures once I have added a few more parts. 

I was bored so I made a retro style Leader, click image to see facebook comments, I am sure its gonna devide people, would make a great little pub bike

Got a Create C8 instock, took a few bits of like tyres, headset, cranks, stem and popped all white parts on. so quite heavily upgraded, headset is my fave part of bike on this one the all white looks nice and chunky, its a cartridge headset so a worth while upgrade for any bike running a basic headset.

Whoop whoop, first leader frame instock, no idea what to build so just did a quick build, first impressions frames look pretty clean, really want to get a retro leader in, loving them

Coming soon, freehand drawn track frame, this is the headtube so far, big thanks to Spad for freehand artwork, check my links page to see his weblink

Powdercoated baby blue track frame, some crud raceguards as well to keep the rider dry on the wet winter days

Black 56cm track bike click link to ebay listing, come direct for discount to save or eBay fees, click picture to go to ebay link

old school build, with flipped and chopped bars for zipping round town

Tons done to this Create, first off it was powdercoated matt black, as was the chain ring and we also spilt brake calipers and had them two toned silver and powdercoat

My eyes are burning, sooooo bright so much orange

 Baby blue bike, clean and simple we really like this combo here at MBM, my nephew rides one of these but with flat bars


This bike was built to customers spec, he gave us a spec sheet and we had to match all the colours, was a challange but we hopefully got there

pac man bike we had fun making this one, not quite finished but oh so close

Martini style bike, in the making, lots left to do, plus we aint happy with it so plenty more head scratching to go, as with the last martini bike, getting lots of interest and comments, on facebook, click piccy to read and comment 

Maze Cycles, new in, premium quality Full Cro mo framesets, Cro Mo lugged forks chrome plated, all major parts are alloy finished to a high polish, seatstays are curved... why you ask, cos they can, and its looks so subtle and smooth....

We did tons to this one, had to colour match bike to a halo part for customer, halo wheels and tyres a nice project this one, but wow we only just got it made in time for customer.

Old school build, had fun making this one, we actual still have it, we have it on display in a local bike shop in Exeter.

Wd edition, bike was made for one of our customers, we even had the stickers made up for him, head badge has his name on it.

Classic black with race guards on, clean and simple.


  Been mucking around with wrapped bikes for ages here, this little monster we made back in the summer of 2011, we bodged it together but it looked nuts

  Pros of wrapping frame is you can print at high def so get finishes you just cant get with paint, also if you wanna change designs you can always wrap another style.

  Cons of wrapping, if doing a full wrap I would suggest not to use on a downhill/bmx/trick bike etc, basically you want to be able to see welds so you can inspect your frame, as a cracked frame and a big jump will equal no teeth......

  We are starting to wrap with a fade to colour of frame so you can keep an eye on your welds so you can feel a little safer, also if you want wrap to last longer you can keep the wrap nice and tight to frame, we have seen some places wrap whole frame, but we noticed water can get behind a lot easier at joins and by drop etc so have avoided going full wrap route, though if you wish a bike to be full wrapped we of course can sort for you.

  Any question on wrapping just drop us a emial to



Pinky P as we nicked named this one, this was powdercoated in mega tough pink, including bars and stem.

Peugeot retro road bike powdercoated cream, a few little brown parts.

Pimp!!!!! nuff said

Kawasaki green, cranks and stem all in matching green, deep section rims with sealed bearings and hollow axles, nice

ladies bike we made, had to find a colour match to a bianchi road bike

 The colours of this bike have been done with a little nod to a well known roadie from back in the day.

Pow!!!!! retro racer, love this one, need to get some more green tyres, worked so well, gold chain looks tough on this bike.

Deep section white rims on a powdercoated red and white frame


Single speed bike I built for my wife, in her favorite colour.... purple.

Olive n Cream, Nice............ cream tyres with a few brown parts added.

red white n blue, one piece bar and stem.


 alloy track frame, with blue wheels, damn light track frame, we imported a sample.  

Maze Bike, a few subtle details to these bikes, but at its core is a lightweight quality bike, full chromoly frame, decent drop outs and a damn nice straight bladed fork, look at it, so shiny and sweet

This is MBMs own personal pub bike, love or hate it, MBM doesnt really care cos he loves it, Daccordi frame with sturmey archer two speed kick back hub laced to halo rims, red dia compe calipers a yellow flite, not quite finished need to change cranks and pedals, but still going to use flatties as its just for the pub

THE FAST-H mkII, bored with grey slow handling hybrids we took a road bike and made the FAST H, a kick in the eyeballs but a lot more fun, and damn fast as well.

Olive frame running cream wheels with a sturmey archer two speed hub

Silver 59cm with brown saddle and brown Schwalbe Durano tyre.

Another project got bored so made a multicoloured chain, I was as I said very very bored watching tv at the time

58 cm Maze in black with a sligh tint of green, simple clean lightweight and well made, from the nice dutch people at Maze Cycles

Almost finished a few tweaks to go but almost there, probably going to go all black on parts

Brev inspired gold edition bike, with a rather special one of chainring in gold colour

Funky Pub bike with big tyres for comfy riding

Pub bike with red stripe can rear brake pads, this was my pub bike but have now giving to my best mate and now Brother inlaw, he live's in South London, if you see if it take a photo first five peeps to send in a picture will get a FREE PUB BIKE STICKER.

All done, I think it needs a slimmer saddle, but who ever gets it I can change for the, on plus side at least this saddle would be comfy

Shiny shine.....shine, a bike that defo looked better in the flesh than the piccy

Ratty Pimpy Pug, fitted with a MagicBikeMike shim so we could fit a nice seatpost, 24mm seatposts are mega rare and usually cheap steel. I hope the new owner trashes the wheels and cranks to finish off the effect of the rat bike

MBM 001, the bike that started us off, started off as my pub hack bike in dayglo colours, we did many mods to this until we got it pretty much to here, I need to sell to make space, but part of me thinks I would be turning my back on something special

New Create after we messed around with it, frame finish seems to be a better than previous years, and parts have been improved, though in this picture some of the new parts have been replaced

when I finished this bike I had to take it for a spin, it was soooo comfy, really laid back, felt like I was riding a old bike but still felt pretty responsive due to reynolds frame, havent sold this one yet as I havent listed it, wondering if I can add it to my bike collection, I am guessing Mrs MagicBikeMike will not be impressed.


If only I had the perfect saddle to finish this one off, gutted, deeeeeeep section wheels from create on this one, this is the new revised create, addressing issues from previous models, first look seems promising

super clean, pretty tough looking, this is based on the newer create with improved dropouts

Little seven speed ladies frame, dawes reynolds 501 frame with reynolds 531 forks

54cm create, anodised orange hubs, 50mm rims, white parts have also been added

So So love white, black and yellow, Create 54cm with a few tweaks

Cold as ice, Create 54cm, tons done to this one for customer.